Advantages of our services


We will collect your items

Order collection of your items at a convenient time. Tell us what you expect and define the scope of work that you would like us to perform. Our experienced team will ensure that your belongings are secured with proper packaging, loading, disassembly of furniture and other items. If you need help with packing into boxes, we will do that for you. Additionally, we will also supply you with boxes so you can pack your items into them. Your presence at our storage space is not required. All documents are filled out on the site when collecting the items.


We will store your items

Store your belongings for as long as you need. Our contracts are flexible. You can shorten or extend the lease duration and reduce or increase the space you use. We can deliver some of your items at any point of the lease to the indicated address or your can pick them up yourself. When you register in our system, you will have the possibility of viewing photos of what you provided to us for storage.


We will deliver your items back to you.

We will deliver your items back to you. Contact us and arrange the date for collecting your items. We will deliver your items to an indicated address, carry them and put them at the indicated place. We will assemble furniture that was disassembled by us previously. If you wish, we can unpack your boxes, put your household appliances in the indicated place and hang your photos and paintings.