• Can you help me in estimating the space I need for storing my items?
    Of course. If you are unable to estimate the number of items for storage, send us a list with a description of your belongings via the contact form or email. We can also provide a cost estimate during a phone call. Additionally, if you would like to use our door-to-door service, we can visit your flat or office and prepare the price quote free of charge, based on a site inspection.
    How should I lease the warehouse space?
    After checking space availability, you can book your space over the phone.
    Can I deliver my items to the warehouse?
    If you have your own transport means you can deliver your belongings to us. Our employees will assist you with accepting your items to our warehouse.
    How do I sign the contract? What documents do I need?
    You can sign the contract at our office. When you order transport with our company, the contract can be signed at the collection point of your items. In such a case, you do not need to come to our office. Private individuals conclude a contract based on a personal ID. Companies need to provide the following documents: A document confirming assignment of a VAT number, a record from Central Registration and Information on Business the National Court Register specifying the authorised company representative.
    How long do I need to sign the contract for?
    You specify how long you need to lease the space for.
    Can I extend the time of lease?
    Yes. If necessary, you can extend the time of lease. Remember to notify us of this request at least three days prior to contract expiry.
    Does the storage contract cover insurance?
    As a standard, within the contract your items are insured to the amount of PLN 1,000 during storage. You can learn more about our insurance conditions at our office. If you would like to increase the insurance coverage amount, we can help with that.
    Are my items insured also during relocation services?
    If you are using relocation or transport services provided by our company, they will be insured from the start to the end of service provision.
    How do I pay for storage?
    Payment in advance for the first storage period, when your items are accepted to our warehouse. For each subsequent period, you will pay on the basis of an invoice.
    What can I store? What items cannot be stored?
    You can store furniture, personal belonging, electronic devices, commercial goods, etc. You cannot store dangerous and flammable materials, plants, animals, food products with short expiry dates.